CHAT - Customizing chat interface with data pushed from front-end

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Support wasn't able to say if the following is possible:

In my app, I want to send my own variables (that I got in my DB and pushed to the front-end) to Hubspot, and customize the chatbox accordingly.

So for example if my user as a name and an avatar in my DB, I want to be able to see them in the chat when they're talking to me (instead of them remaining anonymous).

This was possible to do with my previous chat provider (Crisp) through their API but I don't understand if this is possible with Hubspot.

If it is possible, how?

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Hi @Romusc,

The avatar in chat is pulled from the avatar image on the visitor's contact record (if it exists). It's not currently possible to push information into the chat from your website, but you could identify the visitor using the 'identify' function of the tracking code API which would allow information to be pulled from the visitor's contact record: