Bulk Import of Line_Items



Again a bit of advice would be welcome.


I'm importing Lines and Deals against Customers.


I've synced all products from our ERP to the pridcuts library.

I've got api tasks to bring in new invoices. and sync products.

I want to bulk import via spreadsheets the history.  

Deals are fine and can be associated with Companies. 


Question - Can  line_items be bulk imported and associated with deals via spreadsheet?

I dont see line_items listed in the import wizard ?

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Hi @TAppleton, It's not possible to import line items from UI like importing deals or contacts.

However, it can be done via line items API to create new line items and associate them with deals. You can also use the batch create endpoint.https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/crm/line-items

I hope this is useful