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Blog Import (wordpress)

I’m doing a lot of importing of blogs and there are times when a simple wordpress export works. But there is often times I am going in and pulling pages out, I’m doing custom queries and I’ve started creating my own template on how this works to make sure I have properly formed xml/rss

I’ve have a decent amount of success, with a lot of interaction between support. Support would mostly get someone from dev in eventually.

Now I’m working on a blog import that I have data from a csv or a database. Now, I can load that into my template but there is a lot of information missing, causing some data to not transfer over.

Is it possible to get some sort of well formed template that has one of each node that you are looking for? I’d be willing to open source the development of something to assist with this. I’d be willing to do lots of things to help with this. I really just need to get blog posts in and I need to see how hubspot is reading this information so I can make sure I’m putting it in right.

I’m sure you can just hand over the importer program – maybe some well formed examples would be great? The minimum I need, the format, etc? PLEASE, I sometimes have to do this three or 4 times in a month at Square 2 Marketing (diamond partner) and am really starting to lose my mind how every time it is different.


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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Blog Import (wordpress)

Hi @nickdeckerdevs,

Sorry you’re losing your mind over this. The Wordpress importer is meant to work with the default export out of Wordpress. Here is an example XML file that I got out of Wordpress that worked perfectly with the importer.

If you are looking to the API endpoint directly, then you should follow the documentation for creating a post. Here’s an example of a POST body I’ve used in the past:

            "name": "10 things you didn't know about inbound marketing" ,
                "keyword":"inbound marketing",

In this case BLOG_CONTENT is long snippet of HTML I’m not pasting in for brevities sake, but there’s nothing really special about it. Of course if that’s the area where there was confusion, would be happy to share that as well.

Hopefully this helps, if not let me know and I’d be happy to help you get you goal.