Best practices for extending Hubspot functionality for our apps?

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Does HS support custom UI components in the company view? IOW is it possible to create a UI component that can be included in a HS company page so our sales people can create a new HS account, then configure our app for that company right from within HS.

For example, let’s say I have a new company and want to give them trial access to our product. I’d like to build a module right in HS that shows the controls for our app, with a provision button. The component would read the current HS record, take what is needed then build out the new account as needed. This component or another could have usage reporting data for that account so when the sales guys have the account up they can see if the user has been active etc.

This seems simpler than building a separate UX/UI for acct mgmt and then having to sync with HS all the time. We could use HS as the primary repo for account info, then just layer our specific app backend on it as needed.

If forms integration isnt possible I suppose we could then just force setup of all companies, users in the company in HS then have a small standalone app with these other features. I am wanting to avoid writing crappy internal crm as well as have HS running.

Thanks for any info!

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@jeffzamo it’s not possible to build custom UI components in the HubSpot app. We have however released “action forms” to a developers beta group allowing you to build forms on the sidebar of a contact record which execute actions in a 3rd party app. It’s not currently available for anything but contacts although it’s something we could think about building.


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Hi Sebastian,

Is there any update on this? Ideally I would like the ability to have a custom button in our CRM which executes action on other apps.