Basic examples of custom apps for reference?


Are there any examples of apps which use the Hubspot APIs? We are going to need to write up some customization to configure the Hubspot CRM to our needs, and I was hoping to find some basic examples of a tool which uses the Hubspot API. Anybody have any recommendations?

Also, if I want to write an "extension" to some Hubspot workflow functionality, it would presumably be done with a webhook, and a custom tool to process some data and then call the Hubspot APIs to do the work I need to do. Question: does this mean that we will need to have our own server running some app, or is there the ability to create custom tools and have them hosted on Hubspot?

Thanks all! Any pointers towards some basic dev resources would be appreciated.

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HubSpot Employee

Welcome, @dc-usa.

This forum contains many examples of working code for specific use cases, but I don't know of any whole example applications. If you can describe your goals in a bit more detail, I can try to find relevant threads! I'll also be happy to link to the corresponding developer documents and resources.

Regarding your workflow webhooks question: Yes, you would need to run your app on your own server or a platform like Heroku. Speaking for HubSpot, I think we want to support building and running custom applications in the future, but that's a ways down the road.

Isaac Takushi

Associate Certification Manager

Thanks for the reply!

Right now we are experimenting with Azure Functions to carry out some simple tasks for us.

Basically, we are trying to implement some "Workflow" type functionality that isn't explicitly supported by Hubspot Workflows. For example: create a yearly recurring Deal for software maintenance renewals, complete with Products which are set at the Company level. So we are creating a Workflow which will call a webhook for our little app, and our app would do some work with the Hubspot API to create the Deal.

A couple questions for you:

  • Are you familiar with Azure Functions, and do you agree that it is a reasonable choice? (My specialty isn't web development)
  • Ideally, we would like the Hubspot workflow to block while our app does its work, and then resume the Workflow when our app is done. Can you think of any mechanisms to do this?
  • Have you ever used: -- any comments on it?
  • Any other examples you have for C# / Azure / Hubspot Deals related code or advise would be greatly appreciated!