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Bad Request Error - Incremental Loading - Amazon Appflow

Hi Team,

I am doing incremental loading from hubspot to AWS database. I have scheduled the flow to run for every 5 minutes, as there are lot of updation and insertion of records in hubspot. When records are more than 8000,it throws errors " The request failed because the service Source HubSpot returned the following error: Details: The request failed with status code 400 (Bad Request).There was a problem with the request.. Status code 400 (Bad Request)., ErrorCode: ClientError. "
I don't know why it is throwing such error. Can you please help me to resolve this error?



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Recognized Expert | Partner
Recognized Expert | Partner

Bad Request Error - Incremental Loading - Amazon Appflow

Hey @MSingh01 


There is a lot left up to the imagination here. So just a few questions to help narrow the scope.


  1. What's you're data flow look like?
  2. What HS endpoints are you using?


Looking forward to debugging with you

Kevin Cornett - Sr. Solutions Architect @ BridgeRev