Auto Mapping Contact Form 7 Field to Mobile Phone Number


We are trying to capture the mobile phone number of our users using a subscription form in Contact Form 7 in WordPress.  We are using the HubSpot WordPress plugin to capture the data from Non-HubSpot forms.

We have a field called "mobilephone" on the form but when its capture by HubSpot it get's inserted in the Phone Number field instead of the Mobile Phone Number field.

Does anmybody know what field name we should be using to have this data capture into the HubSpot Mobile Phone Number field?

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HubSpot Employee

Hey @SimonW,


The internal property name for the property `Mobile phone number` is `mobilephone` and the internal property name for the property `Phone number` is `phone`. 


Hence, I'd expect that the mobilephone field to be mapped onto the Mobile Phone Number field. 


In this case, could you share with me the form name in question and the portal ID in which the form was created on?