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Associating contacts with website activity



I have a tricky situation here -

We have contacts created on HubSpot through LinkedIn Lead Gen forms. The contacts contain email and some other company info.

Then, the contacts get an automated email that points them to a piece of content on our website. I want to be able to associate the contact with this website activity and need to give HubSpot something that'll help it match this visit against the email address of the contact. 


I was thinking about creating a URL and append {{ contact.email }} to it, but I gave it a shot and it doesn't log anything in the web activity. I must be doing it wrong. 


The link I form looks something like this

<our website address>?email={{ contact.email }}

I also tried <our website address>?contact.email={{ contact.email }}


<our website address>?contact_email={{ contact.email }}


I'm obviously missing something here, appreciate any help. 

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Associating contacts with website activity

A few questions:


1: Is your website hosted in Hubspot?

2: If not, have you put the Hubspot pixel on your website?

3: Lastly, are you using the LinkedIn Ads integration?


#1 or #2 by themselves should be able to show you if the contact went to a page. Just create a single page with a unique URL that you only use for this campaign. Build a smart list to see who visited and boom, done.


- If you don't have these things, an option could be to create a page URL that's only used in the email. Then, make a smart list with the rules:

"If contact has:

put them on the list"

- With this, you could possibly miss a few. If the people copy/paste the link. Sometimes ESPs seem to keep opens and clicks from being logged. But I have a feeling you have (1 or 2) + 3.


- If you have the LinkedIn integration, then it's easier. Make a smart list with the rules:

"If contact has:

put them on this list."
I don't know how you want to use the info, but you could make a workflow with the same rules to change a contact property or send them another email.


Let me know if I this is helpful.