Associated contacts and companies on CRM V3 search API


Hello, loving the V3 API so far! Very consistent and flexible.


Having said that, is it possible to retrieve associatedVids & associatedCompanyIds on deals from the V3 search API. It looks like I can filter using pseudo properties '' , but cannot retrieve it?


The v2 API /recent supported associatedVids/associatedCompanyIds as properties, and I could retrieve these efficiently. With V3, I have to fire a request per deal to get the associations, and is very inefficient!


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HubSpot Employee

Hey @Syncari,


At the moment, the crm v3 search API can only retrieve object properties (i.e. firstname). If you'd like to retreive associations, you would need to use this endpoint: CRM API | Associations


Having said that, if you haven't already, I'd recommend jumping over to the HubSpot Ideas Forum and posting this idea there so that it's visible to the HubSpot product team and other HubSpot customers and developers. Hopefully this will gather more interest.