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Associate same line item with multiple deal

I have created a line item from product and i have implemented deal to line item association using api but when i am trying associate same line item to mulitple deal then it's not working using API. It give success status code in response as 204 but when you check in UI it's not associated. Can any one please help me as fast as possible

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Associate same line item with multiple deal



Line-items are uniqe for each deal. One line-item - one deal. 


See Line-items as more of a one-time-use where Products are your templates. I would recommend you to create a Product and then generate several line-items (one for each deal) from your products. 


Hope that helps.

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Associate same line item with multiple deal

Hey @testuser27     


Thank you for reaching out! I'll mention a few experts that can share their knowledge with you!


Hey @himanshurauthan  @quentin_lamamy   any thoughts about this case?  


Thank you 


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