Associate company with contact through a refer-a-colleague form

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I’ve created a referral form for colleagues to refer their colleague to a portal we’ve created. The vast majority of people who will be invited will have a free email address so I can’t rely on companies being auto-associated based on domain.

I’ve followed these steps to create a referral form but can’t figure out how to auto-associate. I’ve tried with a query string but that doesn’t seem to work unless I’m doing it wrong.

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Hi @hwpicken

If you’re using a form, the automatic association option is going to be the only way to get a contact associated through the form itself.

It would be possible to automate the association using the Contacts API, but it would take developer resources to built that out. The general idea would be that you’d check for new contacts coming in through that form, figure out which company they should be associated with, then use the Companies API to associate the record with that company.