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I am working on a project in which I am creating a custom portal which connects HubSpot Oauth2 process. Everything is working fine. HubSpot api is really good.

I have a question. Let suppose any of our customers uninstall our app from his

portal setting -> Integration. 

Is there any way that HubSpot inform me(api end point) that which portal uninstalled the app, so that i can delete data(token, refresh token) related to that portal from my side too? 


 Thank you. 

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Hey, @adnan 

Glad you are enjoying the API.  always interested in knowing how you are using it 😀

Currently, there is no method, but there is an idea that has been submitted and you should upvote it (the more upvotes, the better)



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Thank you for your reply. I have voted.  👍