Any current Quote / Stripe workarounds for Timeline Events / Deal Properties?

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I have searched all of the posts here and online and have hit brickwalls every which way.


We are currently using the Strip integration with Quotes.  The main problem is we have no notification or usable state change in any property i can see that will allow us to either automate an task based on the customer makign the quote paid or to at least have a notification that the quote state changed or payment from stripe thats associted with a quote / deal.  This makes the feature not scalable.


Any current work arounds for this besides looking at each deal hourly to see if the quote has been paid yet?


I cant provide access to stripes portal to all our sales staff, not the best option.



I have already explored creative ways of doing this. I have found the information stripe receives.  Stripe receives a quote id, but no deal id. 


Cant find any public api endpoint that discloses a quote id anywhere, only undocumented methods such as endpoints accessed when using the www portal.


Lemme know !! =)

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Hi @dirkdd,


I hope all is well with you 😃


While currently there isn't a way (e.g. via a custom property) in HubSpot to track if a payment has been made from Stripe, based on this documentation Use the Stripe integration with quotes in HubSpot, when looking to email customers for successful payments or get a notification when a payment is received, you can enable these settings in your Stripe account:

Another workaround that probably require technical expertise from your team is to utilize the Stripe API endpoint here: Verifying Payment Status | Stripe Payments to get the payment status > If payment is successful, you can use the HubSpot endpoint here: Update an existing contact | Contacts API to update an existing contact custom property to track the payment status. 


Hope this helps to clarify!