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Any HS Development Limitations? Java?

tl;dr - web developer saying we would need to host a web application on another site than HubSpot because there are limitations with Java. Is that true or are they unfamiliar with HubSpot (when they said they were 🤔)?


Our company is speaking with a devleoper to create a web application for us and I believe his familiarity with HubSpot is lacking. The application itself is not complex in nature but he said that we would need to host it elsewhere because HubSpot has limitations with Java. From my understanding, that's not the case?


I was hoping to hear from other developers if that was the case or what kind of limitations he might be referring to in HubSpot. He gave the impression that with different coding languges/applications that HubSpot is not as advanced or accepting as a platform like WordPress.


I have the impression from him that he is maybe just unfamiliar with HubSpot and wants to code it in a way that he is more familiar. But before I poke into that, I wanted to confirm with others.



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Any HS Development Limitations? Java?

Hello @nicole388 

HubSpot does have some limitations with Java, but they are not significant enough to prevent you from hosting a Java web application on the platform. HubSpot uses a proprietary HubL for developing modules. This means that you can't use pure Java to develop modules for HubSpot. However, you can still use Java to develop custom integrations and other types of applications that interact with HubSpot.

Another limitation is that HubSpot has a limited number of server resources available for Java applications. This means that if your application is very resource-intensive, you may need to host it on a separate server.

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