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Any Buddy Boss experts doing freelance work?

Hi and happy Sunday!  I have a company that looks and acts a bit like an association....we provide best practices in business and leadership to orthopaeedic surgeons across 76 universities and have 5,400 members in the United States. This past year we hired a firm that updated our website, migrated us from mailchimp to Hubspot, and established a social platform using Buddy Boss that connects all of our members to each other. 


The firm did a very poor job of migrating us to Hubspot and it feels like we bought a motorcycle and use it like a bicycle. we were not trained in how to use Hubspot to its capacity. I am in process of interviewing freelancers who would work ar hourly rate/retainer to manage Hubspot functionality...and also hoping to get some Buddy Boss assistance as well. Our New Member intake was designed in Buddy Boss and we want to update the form and need expertise that resides in the United States.


It's a light lift...in total 5-10 hours per month for Hubspot and about 3-5 hours per month for Buddy Boss. 


Check out our site and give me a shout!




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Any Buddy Boss experts doing freelance work?

Hey, @MGagnon9 👋 If you don't get any traction here, I am happy to move this over to the Jobs board. If so, just comment back here, and I'll get that done for us.





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