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Announcement: New API focused academy modules for Developers

You spoke and we listened. We’re excited to announce a new academy course for working with HubSpot’s APIs. If you’re new to APIs or more specifically new to HubSpot’s APIs this will help you get started.


What’s happening?

Jeff Ausura, the same familiar face from our CMS for Developers certification course, is back. The new Introduction to APIs academy course and video series goes through the basics of API keys and OAuth on HubSpot.

Introduction to the HubSpot APIs

  1. Overview: What are APIs, examples of usage, REST/JSON, and API keys vs OAuth.
  2. Getting set up: Learn about various account types, developer and test accounts, walkthrough of creating a developer account, and navigating between accounts.
  3. Hello worldBasic walkthrough of first API call, creating a test account, and generating an API key.
  4. Post requests and custom properties: Creating custom CRM properties in-app, and updating those properties via the API.


  1. Introduction to OAuth: More API keys vs OAuth, delegated authorization, HubSpot OAuth flow, and scopes.
  2. Basic OAuth flow demo: Walkthrough of building node quickstart app without refresh flow.
  3. Adding refresh flowQuick review of building the quickstart app, and modifying to add in refresh flow. 

When is this happening?

We’re happy to announce this series of academy modules is live in HubSpot academy today!

Introduction to APIs 

Let us know what educational content you’d like to see next!
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Announcement: New API focused academy modules for Developers

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