Android/IOS univeral linking

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Hey! I'm trying to do an OAuth flow that redirects to an app. We do our universal/deep linking through the browser, using a uri such as MYAPP://hubspot_authorize so I can continue the auth process in the app. 


However, so far I've been unable to figure out how to do this since the OAuth API requires https:// as the start of any redirect url.


Does anyone know how to do this?


I saw this thread that mentions universal linking and that it's supposedly possible through Proxy Redirects, but I don't believe that works with the way we currently do this.


Not sure if we'll need to approach a different way or if there's something in the api I haven't seen.


How should we approach this? And is this even possible given the current Hubspot API?

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Hey @Rememorate ,


That's a really excellent question; in general, I think the system is geared towards web apps. A HubSpot user on their desktop/laptop will try to connect an app, and when they succeed they'll be sent to a "Thank You" page or to the app itself. We don't currently support deep links for the redirect URI, though I can totally appreciate your use case, and I'll be sure to pass this along to my team.


One thing you can do is specify a 'traditional' redirect URI, and then from their immediately redirect the user to your app using a deep link. This would work especially well if you have some service that generates/refreshes access tokens that lives outside of your app.

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Thanks for the response, @Derek_Gervais.


I'm not positive, but I believe the double redirect strategy has some issues on IOS last I read, if I understand what you're suggesting.


All the same, please do let us know if the dev team thinks there is a possibility! We'd love to be a beta-tester for this, as without it we likely will have to hold off on integrating hubspot.