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Analytics API - Landing Page Names and Missing Data


I'm trying to pull all the Landing Page Data from our Marketing Pro account so I can get automatic notifications that show peaks and troughs in the views and conversion rate data on a week by week basis.

LP views go up 20% for a particular LP 
Notification is sent to me

Here's my current URL:


This issues I'm having so far are:

1. This only gives me LP data for LPs that have at least 1 view

I think this is because the API doesn't return any values that are 0

This makes it difficult to see if there's a complete drop off in views for a specific landing pages as there's no data for comparison.

Is there a way to return ALL data?


2. There's no name, just an ID number

Having no name isn't a massive issue, but it will make my notifications much more user firendly if I can name the LPs I'm reporting on.

How can I do this?

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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Analytics API - Landing Page Names and Missing Data

Hi @LollipopRob,


Let's run through the queries one by one here:


1. I understand that you're looking to fech landing pages data via this endpoint: Get data for HubSpot hosted content and it is only returning page(s) with at least 1 view. Based on my knowledge, the endpoint will only return page with data. That said, if you'd like to get all landing pages together with the view, you can use this endpoint here: List pages | CMS Page Publishing API.


Basically, this endpoint will return all the landing pages details that are hosted in your HubSpot portal, the landing page's view is one of the response field.


2. For now, the endpoint: Get data for HubSpot hosted content can only return the ID number.


To get the page name, you can grab the page ID and use it in this endpoint here: Get a Page by ID | COS Page Publishing API


While this require one more step, it is an alternative that your team can explore into.


Hope this helps to clarify! 🙂