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Adding visualizations to HubSpot CRM through a browser extension

Hi guys,

I developed a Hubspot app with chrome extension to add some visualizations that are impossible through Hubspot APIs.


I went through Hubspot certification requirements and found that: "Your app must not include a browser extension or use similar means to inject capabilities or components into HubSpot's UI."


My browser extension will open a popup on the top of the pages and will never inject any capabilities or change HubSpot UI (similar to Grammarly)


Before submitting my app to Hubspot review, I would like to get more clarity about browser extension regulations.




Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 16.08.27.png.






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Adding visualizations to HubSpot CRM through a browser extension

Hey @OrenS,

Thanks for the question.

My best guess is that any integration relying on a browser extension is not qualified to be certified in the App Marketplace. Ask your App Partner Manager for details. 

We might devise a workaround if you tell us what you want to achieve by adding some visualization to CRM.

Best regards,

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Adding visualizations to HubSpot CRM through a browser extension

Hi, @OrenS 👋 Thanks for the great question. In my experience, reaching out to your App Partner Manager to see if your app is eligible for review.


From this documentation — Applying for app certification,Your App Partner Manager would be the best resource to contact and ask if you are eligible before applying”.

You can find this info by doing the following:

Find your App Partner Manager and their email information by logging into your developer account and navigating to App Marketplace > Listings. Hover over your app, click More > View Listing Details.


Hey, @Kevin-C @himanshurauthan @RomanGruit, do you have any additional experience or feedback for @OrenS?


Thank you! — Jaycee


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Adding visualizations to HubSpot CRM through a browser extension

Hi @Jaycee_Lewis, thank you for tagging me in.


So @OrenS HubSpot has a condition for a browser extension which is browser extension should not inject capabilities or components into HubSpot's UI. As we can see your extension will work similarly to Grammarly so as per me there will be no issues in the submission of the app.


But just to be on the safer side, please consult with your App Partner Manager, they will be able to help you better here as said by @RomanGruit.



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