Adding a token to the URL in an email template

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i'm trying to create some outbound email templates with custom urls which include contact tokens.

such as{{contact.vid}}

and have it replace on send to

also, ideally, i'd like to have the DISPLAYED url to be but have the LINK to be

i feel like i used to be able to use this double-braces format but it doesn't seem to be working anymore.

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Hi @cre, you should be able to use HubSpot contact properties in emails to an extent but I'd love to check out the email you're working on so I can dig in a bit more. That said, vid is an internal property and usually isn't meant to be surfaced, but there might be a way to do it. Can you send me the link to your email in HubSpot?


Mind check ( hubL Contact VID, UTK in the Email Template returns empty! ), I'm having the same problem and I need the VID, UTK or any unique identifier, even the would be useful but that'd require me to have a service on our side to save that hash along the contact.vid; Can you just allow the VID or canonicalvid or even UTK for everybody, please? such a waste of time, it's clearly documented in the hubL vars but it's not true...