Add Feedback (NPS, CES) via API


Is there any way, to add feedback submissions to the NPS (customer loyalty) survey in Hubspot? We would like to collect feedback directly in our Android App, but we would like to keep the data synced with the email survey from the hubspot customer loyalty survey.


Is there a workaround using forms api or something like that?

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Hi @basil,


We don't currently have a publicly available Feedback API. But I think what you're asking for sounds useful. I was going to suggest that you make an idea for it, but it looks like you've already done that here: I'm not sure what the team will say to this to be honest. I know there are some limitations to the surveys. For example in the NPS survey, it's not possible to change the wording of the NPS question. So given the intention behind the tool, I'm not sure if they're open to passing in the scores via API. But either way having an idea with votes on it will get more visibility.


As for some kind of workaround, I haven't tested this and I'm not familiar with building Android apps, but is it possible to iframe a page into your app? You could include the survey on a page, and then if those conditions are met, the survey would display on the page, which would get iframed into your app. Not sure if that's a viable solution for you, but that's what comes to mind. These surveys are also not standard HubSpot forms, so it won't be possible I don't think to use the Forms API to pass in the scores. So other than possibly iframing a page into your app, your best bet may be to send out the survey via email.


Leland Scanlan

HubSpot Developer Support

Hi @lscanlan ,

thanks for the reply. There are two concepts here that are somewhat related: 1) API and 2) more channels.


I understand that you might be concerned that we mess up the survey by changing the wording. I would be happy to have a constraint that I need to ask exactly the same question.


Regarding the iFrame: Yes, I think that could be a workaround. I will check with our CTO. However, atm this means we need to turn off the email survey (you can only have email OR web). This is bad for us, because in our use case, we sell to companies and there is an operator who uses the Android app, but there is also a decision maker, who most likely doesn't use our software and hence we want to reach him via email.

Obviously, we would then want to segment for these channels.


Is there a difference between a webView and an Iframe? This is what we get from a app called Canny. My understanding is, that something like that would ensure that you are in control of the question wording, but we can be in control of how / where to show in our app.


So I think a good solution would need some changes on your end.


A completely different avenue would be to allow us to write feedback objects ourselves and assume that if a user is advanced enough to write feedback objects, then he is also capable to implement the question the right way.


Do you share "non-official" API endpoints with power users / lead users? We could basically validate such an API before making it public?