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I have downloaded the previous chat histories from  livechat plugin we used previously in the form of csv files and imported them into hubspot. But cant see and access these files . How to view and access them as chats in hubspot? if not where does the imported chat history stored in hubspot? How can we access / see it?

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Hi @rahulkg123,


We have no APIs that would allow you to import historic chat information into our "Conversations tool". In my opinion the easiest thing to do would be to import the chat history as notes as per this article: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/contacts/import-objects. This would at least allow you to have a record of each historic chat on your contact timelines.


Alternatively you could also use our "Engagements API" to create various engagements on a contact record. However it might be easier to import via the import tool vs the API in this case.





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