APP Scope Setting for keywords API. Always return "does not have proper permissions"


I am confused with the “scope” in the OAuth Integration.

My hubspot ID is 2040317

I have tried the following:

  1. scope = offline

  2. scope = offline+contacts-rw+blog-rw+events-rw+keyword-rw

  3. scope = offline+blog-rw+events-rw+keyword-rw

After getting my own token, I always get the following error for keywords list API.
“message”: "This access_token (****) does not have proper permissions! (requires any of [keywords-access])"
The request URL is*****

For condition 3, I have remove the contacts-rw from the scope. However, I could still access the following url*********

Can any one tell me how to set up the scope to access the keyword lists API?

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HubSpot Moderator

@TIBCOSimplr the Keywords API is only available to portals with the Marketing tools, which are not included in developer portals. In general, we don’t recommend testing with your developer portal itself, since it will have a very limited set of tools. Instead, you’ll need to create a test portal, and the test portal will have the full set of marketing tools, which would also include keywords.