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Hello. I am trying to develop a HubSpot integration that will easily summarize the actions of my account. For example:


I can quickly view how many emails I sent out, or how many received responses.

I can view logged activity stats (such as notes, tasks, etc).


Not sure which endpoint I should be connecting to, but I know HubSpot has a native feature installed on a default dashboard, see below:Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 8.18.39 AM.png


I need to know what endpoints should I be calling to get simple data like this returned via an API call.


I would appreciate any feedback, or help that anyone can contribute. Thanks so much. If its easier, please email me at: tyler@founderscale.com



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Hey @kulture,


The best way for you to retrieve this information is via the Get all engagements | Engagements API. While there currently isn't a way for you to search and filter the engagements based on an engagement type/user/date range, you can loop through the results on your server and filter it accordingly. You would also need to implement a count logic to get the total count shown in the dashboard example.