API - How to detect changes on deals


Good morning community, we use api to extract data from our hubspot client. In some cases the clients does not put on the Deal table an associated Company or an Owner, when they created, but after a couple of days they updated one of those fields. 

We have a process that runs every hour to detect the deltas, but we couldn't figure out how to detect this, what we need to understand is how we can detect those changes?

  • Is there any timestamp field tracking when this change/assignment of company/owner took place? lastmodifieddate is not updated to track this.  Which is the property/field that gets updated when owner or account are updated for a deal? For which fields at Deal level does the lastmodified property get updated with the actual timestamp tracking that change?
  • We get the info from the associations deal_to_company and company_to_deal , but we did not see any date field which tell us when this relation change.Is there any timestamp field available that can be retrieved via API tracking the timestamp when the association took place?

Thanks In advance


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The approach I suggest is a Workflow that is triggered by "Last Modified Date" (set it to known). Then the action is a webhook. A Google Script deployed as a web app (or any other web application) can consume this webhook. It's an alternative to running a service every hour and generally more efficient. The other benefit is that you get updates almost immediately.