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A new way to integrate with HubSpot. No rate limits. Query with SQL. Replace webhooks.

Hey everyone,


I'm excited to share Sequin - a set of dev tools that makes integrating with HubSpot easier.


Sequin syncs your HubSpot CRM to your database in real time. You can use all the power of SQL and our Proxy to rapidly build new features, apps, and automations on HubSpot.


We sync all the standard objects, custom objects, and associations to tables in your database. Out of the box, you can tailor your schema, tables, and columns to make working with your data easier. You don’t need to worry about access tokens, the rate limit, or navigating nested API calls and pagination to get your data.


Then, you’ll write through our Proxy to create, update, and delete objects and associations. We’ll manage the rate limit and simultaneously update your database and HubSpot to avoid race conditions.


Most developers are querying HubSpot in a couple of minutes.

HubSpot has made it easy for sales teams to map business logic into your CRM. But for developers, this flexibility comes with a bespoke associations model, rate limits, and sparse webhook support.


With Sequin, you get the best of both worlds. A powerful, customizable CRM with a developer experience that lets you iterate and build quickly using the tools you already know.


If you are curious about how it all works, check out our docs →


We’re just getting started with HubSpot. I would love to hear what you think.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

A new way to integrate with HubSpot. No rate limits. Query with SQL. Replace webhooks.

Hey, @Eric_Goldman 👋 Thanks for sharing what you've been building 🧡 — Jaycee


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