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Hi all,


We have built our website in wordpress (orientech.com). It is hosted in google cloud platform, has been secured and everything was fine. Yesterday, after 3 days, we finally had the ssl certificate activated for our subdomain in hubspot (ex: info.orientech.com). Today it is a nightmare. All CTAs (from hubspot) in our website are returning "your connection is not private". Then when clicking on learn more, it says "403 forbidden cloudflare". We don't have a cloudflare account so I am wondering if the issue is not coming from Hubspot. Our IT guys says he can not do anything as he can not authenticate something which is not our property. The subdomains are managed by Hubspot, not us...


Could you please help us? Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hi @Hasna 


It looks as though you could be potentially encountering an issue with the use of your CTAs on your external site that our Support Team would need to investigate for you. 


As such, we'd recommend reaching out to our Support Team directly via your HubSpot Portal to get the best assistance - This forum is designed for API & Integration related queries.


For reference, you can find the Support Channels available to you via your Portal using the below article:


I hope this helps! 

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Hi Matthew, thank you for your reply. No one finds a solution in the Hubspot support, ticket is still open. I wanted to post in this forum because I'm desperate ...

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Hi @Hasna,


I believe our team have push a fixed for this and page under this domain https://info.orientech.com/ should load fine with no error.


If you're still seeing the error, can you try clearing your browser cache or use an incognito browser to prevent caching issue?