10k recently modified api limit

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Hi there,


I recently ran into some issues with the recently modified endpoints.

Workflows or Property Additions might cause 10k+ updates on for instance Deal objects in Hubspot. These updates most likely occur faster than what we are polling the endpoint for changes (hourly in our case currently).


So my question is twofold.


Once this scenario has taken place on Hubspot, is there any way of only obtaining the incremental changes past the 10k point?


It seems rather silly that we would need to do a full resync via the All Deals endpoint to incorporate these updates?


At some point (full syncs don't scale?) this becomes unmanageable don't you agree? And we cannot risk missing a change by a user during this window where mass updates might have taken place.


In my opinion you should then at least rate limit your own updates so that we can determine a polling frequency that will be able to catch all the changes.



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Hey @louwrenswian ,


That's perfectly reasonable feedback; I can appreciate how a high impact workflow/property change/etc. can interfere with your polling. At this time, the "Get recently modified" endpoints don't support more than 10k records, so that's still going to be a limitation here.


Can I ask what specific updates you're interested in? The recently modified endpoints are useful, but they can be subject to this sort of signal/noise issue. If you're trying to keep another system up to date in near-realtime, and you have a specific list of properties that you care about, you could consider using the Webhooks API instead.


The Webhooks API supports pretty much any contact/company/deal property you might be interested in, and can also send notificaitons when objects are created/deleted. It's realtime, and is generally the preferred way to get updates on objects in HubSpot.