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ah8 on May 25, 2023
Hi, I wasn't actually sure where to put this. I am new to HubSpot. I am trying to use workflows to make a form submission create a ticket and associate that ticket with a deal. Advice on getting started would be greatly appreciated. I think it may read more
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3 Replies
Top Contributor
May 26, 2023 12:17
Thanks for the invite Pam!
GTeodoro on May 25, 2023
Today our contacts are imported from our database via integration. The phone number, mobile number, and WhatsApp number come in the format, for example, 5511912345678. In this format, Hubspot cannot send messages via WhatsApp. In this link https: read more
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1 Reply
Community Manager
May 26, 2023 12:05
Hello, @GTeodoro thank you for posting in our Community and sharing all this information! I want to invite our top experts to this conversation ...read more
RodWaynick1 on May 24, 2023
First off, I'm very new to custom coded actions and coding in general. Very little experience at all. I've looked over lots of documentation and can't seem to get this to work. I'd like to include a deal property in a custom coded action. I've read more
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2 Replies
Guide | Diamond Partner
May 25, 2023 17:39
Hi @RodWaynick1 , You have a very small typo in your definietion of the function. event is passed into the function as parameter. So you shoul...read more
SPetrungaro on May 23, 2023
Hi, I'm looking for any related content or case history of someone integrating HubSpot with any ERP software by Netstorming. Would love to have your feedback on the subject.
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Top Contributor | Elite Partner
May 24, 2023 09:42
@SPetrungaro If you are unable to find a prebuilt integration solution (and I assume this is the case), nor a HubSpot partner with Netstorming expe...read more
ESchulte on May 22, 2023
Hi, We are looking at a product called ProjectWorks to integrate with HS. We manage multi-stepped projects that sometimes easily span over a year. We will incrementally as we hit benchmarks. Is it possible to engineer a system in HS that can ful read more
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Contributor | Elite Partner
May 23, 2023 07:37
@ESchulte - It would be possible to create a custom object 'Projects' and set up the pipeline aligned to your project stages, track project hours...read more
AWeil on May 18, 2023
We are working on using the custom-coded-action “Merge contacts that share the same phone number” however when we try and use the code we are receiving the following error message. Does anyone have any ideas on what we're doing wrong? WARNING: Th read more
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Accepted Solution
May 18, 2023 17:59
Hi @AWeil , this looks like you've got an issue with authorisation. This could be due to how you've added the access token for your private app or b...read more
sboerstler on May 17, 2023
We have two service lines and in NetSuite, each service has their own subsidiary. We are using Operations Hub Starter. Is it possible multiple syncs for single object so we can sync each service line to their appropriate subsidiary? Or is there anot read more
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2 Replies
HubSpot Product Team
May 22, 2023 15:38
I can't think of an out of the box solve for this. When we have a more intricate dropdown sync we could probably have you set up a field mapping betwe...read more
MCallies on May 17, 2023
Okay, I'm looking to replace just a portion of a name and then populate it with something else. Essentially, at the end of our deal names, we have the create month and year of the deal, when a new renewal deal is created, I want to keep the name of read more
1 upvote
4 Replies
Accepted Solution
May 18, 2023 18:20
Hi @MCallies , Should be pretty straightforward to generate the new name: exports.main = async (event, callback) => { var dealname = event...read more
javiesm8 on May 17, 2023
Hi everyone, I'm James, a Product Manager at Softr. I'm looking to chat with Operations folk working at tech companies about their tools and processes. If you are interested, we will compensate you with $50 for your time. Specifically, I'm read more
1 Reply
Community Manager
May 17, 2023 14:19
Hi @javiesm8 , Thank you for sharing this opportunity with our Community! Best, Kristen
BLaRosa on May 16, 2023
Hi HubSpot Insights keeps adding/changing company names with teh legal name e.g. Banana Head Pty Ltd. We want to only have the display name e.g. Banana Head. I'd love to run a workflow that removes specific strings like " Pty Ltd" from a field. read more
1 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
May 16, 2023 04:15
Hi @BLaRosa , This requires a Operations Hub Professional subscription and can be achieved with the Format data action in a company-based work...read more
ARich on May 15, 2023
I'd love to know if anyone has discovered a way to monitor when someone is out of office and then automatically remove them from the lead rotation. I've considered trying to use a custom code action in a workflow that looks at availability mana read more
1 upvote
10 Replies
Accepted Solution
May 18, 2023 05:36
Hey @ARich , not a problem. I set this up and tested it and actually you can just update a user's team with their email address. So here's how I wo...read more
SWM on May 12, 2023
Hello Everyone, I am developing a Custom code that is designed to retrieve line items associated with a deal and based on certain conditions of line-item, update a specific property of the deal with an incremental value. const hubspot = read more
1 upvote
5 Replies
Accepted Solution
May 16, 2023 07:36
Solution - https://hubspotdev.slack.com/archives/C019VT42R8X/p1683890995731059
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