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DChampion01 on December 09, 2023
Having a hard time with start up and contact integration
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DCozens on December 08, 2023
I need to set multiple associations between a Contact and a Company via a workflow using the API I have a contact that I need to mark as PrimaryContact and BillingContact. This works fine via the Hubspot UI, but when I try to set an additional a read more
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Community Manager
December 08, 2023 15:12
Hello @DCozens thank you for posting in our Community! Associations represent the relationships between objects and activities in the HubSpo...read more
00000 on December 07, 2023
Hello, In a report, how does one get dataset-created fields to display results in the order they were entered into the dataset field filter (or based on the value of the original property) instead of alphabetically by filter result? Use case read more
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2 Replies
December 08, 2023 09:47
Hi Deepak, Thank you for trying to help. Below is the formula as written v. a screenshot of how it appears when used as the x-axis. Would like th...read more
KHerrod on November 28, 2023
Hello! We recently upgraded to Operations Hub and I've been tasked with starting a migration of datasets from Airtable INTO Hubspot. A colleague and I worked manually (the only way to get this to work at first) to enter a common field calle read more
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December 05, 2023 14:53
Do you know if Hubspot requires a specific format to read / match Domain Names? Some in Airtable have https:// while others do not.
RDeshpande6 on November 27, 2023
do we have any operations in hubspot where we can get all information of contact including its associctions if available
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Hall of Famer | Partner
November 27, 2023 07:57
Hi @RDeshpande6 , Yes, this is possible with the CRM API: https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/crm/understanding-the-crm Best regar...read more
PSterkenburg on November 24, 2023
I have run into the challenge where the Contact Owner does NOT equal Company Owner, and I need to correct that. Example: We have done some bulk merging of Contacts (and a lot more clean-up to come), and while we got rid of a lot of duplicates, with read more
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2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
November 24, 2023 03:29
Hi @PSterkenburg , I think this can be simplified. If the contact owner is already the same as the company owner, copying the company owner in...read more
DStreibig on November 22, 2023
Hi -- Is there a way to build a goal detail summary into a dashboard or does this only live on the goals page?
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1 Reply
Community Manager
November 23, 2023 05:42
HI @DStreibig , Thank you for reaching out to the Community! By "dashboard", you probably mean the Sales Dashboard under Reporting? Thi...read more
ryguyrg on November 22, 2023
I'm wondering if this functionality exists and I just don't have the right subscription. How can I trigger workflows on administrative actions, like "user added," "email published," "list created," etc. These seem like obvious triggers. read more
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2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
November 22, 2023 09:48
Hi @ryguyrg , The actions you're referring to do not exist as workflow triggers. Workflows are object-based in HubSpot, revolving around conta...read more
Bhumika_Bhatia on November 17, 2023
Hi there, Any datasets experts in here who can help me. I would like to attribute a £xx value to any conversion of xx onboarding workflow, and count it towards a xx campaign. The thought process: We are trying to build a H read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Top Contributor
December 05, 2023 04:44
Thanks for the mention @BérangèreL @Bhumika_Bhatia nice to meet you 🙂 Regarding your idea it's always possible to set amount ($) throug...read more
Clare_HS on November 17, 2023
I'm seeing a lot of newer email platforms popping up with the abililty to use if/else statements as email personalizations. Here's an example to give you the gist. After a lot of trial and error, I've worked out a solution to make HubSpot do t read more
1 Reply
Community Manager
November 20, 2023 03:27
Hi @Clare_HS , I hope that you are well! Thank you so much for sharing this with the Community! 🌟 Have a fantastic day! Best, Bérangère
PSterkenburg on November 15, 2023
Hi all! We have an integration that created a lot of noise, by creating a lot of Notes, with a note body with a certain string. I want to delete all those Notes, but I have challenges: 1. I cannot "select all the Notes with the string "xyz" anywh read more
Accepted Solution
Participant | Partner
November 29, 2023 14:58
If you have the HubSpot operations hub, you could just create a custom code action within a workflow that would delete all the notes using the API. W...read more
EBirkui4 on November 13, 2023
I would like to know how to use parenthesesis in a formula with operation hub with the personalized mode. I would like to do this kind of formula : ( (durée de contrat en mois/12*Consommation CAR*marge courtier)+(marge abonnement courtier/12*nombre read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
November 13, 2023 14:57
Hi @EBirkui4 , Thanks for reaching out to the Community! Would you be able to clarify the error message, please? Do you see a message w...read more
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