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DZgliński le Mars 22, 2022
Hi everyone, I’m trying to merge certain deals automatically. Through regular workflows this is not possible but maybe through the custom code module that the operations hub offers. Maybe some more context: For easier tracking, I’m creating a Lire la suite
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Septembre 01, 2023 11:37
I'm having the same problem. Lemlist through its native connection to HubSpot is creating duplicate deals every time a contact clicks on a link. Can...Lire la suite
RSingh96 le Août 16, 2021
Hi, I want to know what are the features of the Outreach.io and HubSpot integration. When I do my outbound, and receive replies, I want to sync those prospects with the HubSpot CRM and be able to see all prospect activity (calls & emails). Is th Lire la suite
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HubSpot Employee
Juin 01, 2023 05:31
Yeah it's really unfortunate we're not yet able to pull that datapoint in by default, but rest assured we're actively trying to find a way to push thi...Lire la suite
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