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RSiddula on May 30, 2022
How critical is it to retrieve the projectId in the Hubspot form ?
1 upvote
4 Replies
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
May 30, 2022 07:00
Hi @RSiddula , Meeting links only support properties created on the contact object. In forms in general, you can use contact and company prope...read more
M_Mott on May 25, 2022
Hi, I'm trying to recreate the referral program described here . However, when I run the last custom code workflow to update the referral contact to attribute the new lead to them, I'm receiving a "Unhandled Promise Rejection." Here's the read more
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0 Reply
Kevin_ThinkFuel on May 03, 2022
Hi there, we are trying to recreate the referral program described in this post . However, when we run the last custom code workflow to update the referral contact to attribute the new lead to them, we are receiving a "Unhandled Promise Rejection". read more
0 upvote
4 Replies
May 26, 2022 10:39
Thank you!
Wakira on April 19, 2022
Hi , I try call a external api(third party) in mi workflow using custom code, but its not working. I get this message: "ERROR Unhandled Promise Rejection" Would it be possible to make an external call for this functionality? Thanks read more
April 28, 2022 06:34
@LMartinez @bryce-corey @stefen @Pam Do you have any guidance or help on how I can resolve this? thanks
Chriso-mwx on March 16, 2022
Hey RevOps-Gang, hope you're all doing well. I encountered a problem in a Custom Code Action recently which I thought HubSpot took care of, on its own, but I might be wrong. I have a Python-based action that does multiple requests against the read more
0 upvote
6 Replies
Accepted Solution
Participant | Elite Partner
April 19, 2022 21:36
The documentation is wrong. From experience, the SDK will retry a failed API call 6 times max. After that, it stops retrying and you're on your o...read more
jackcoldrick on February 28, 2022
Hi everyone, I wanted to say a massive thank you to all of those who attended our four custom coded automation sessions throughout the month of February. The feedback received along with the level of engagement from those in attendance was ama read more
HubSpot Employee
February 28, 2022 14:55
Hi @JenBergren , I really appreciate the kind comment and not at all, it was a pleasure! I'm glad they were helpful.
jackcoldrick on February 28, 2022
Hi everyone, Thank you for attending our session last Thursday focusing on connecting and querying an external MySQL database using custom coded workflow actions , a feature exclusive to Operations Hub Professional. As promised I wanted to f read more
Wiljekoffie on February 25, 2022
const hubspot = require('@hubspot/api-client'); const hubspotClient = new hubspot.Client({"apiKey":"YOUR_HUBSPOT_API_KEY"}); const properties = { "conversation_dashboard": "test_object1" }; const SimplePublicObjectInput = { properties } read more
1 upvote
4 Replies
Accepted Solution
April 12, 2022 14:38
Hi Wiljekoffie, The endpoint hubspotClient.crm.basicApi.create does not seem to work as indicated in the api documen...read more
jackcoldrick on February 17, 2022
Hi everyone, Thank you for joining todays session. It's greatly appreciated and it was a pleasure to speak with you all today. I hope that you found the workshop useful and if anything you've left with some interesting ideas that might help yo read more
HubSpot Employee
February 21, 2022 05:32
Hey @RachelKenny thanks for the question, the reason this is happening is because the "Recent Referral Date" property had an internal name of "refe...read more
jackcoldrick on February 11, 2022
Hi everyone! Thanks very much for joining the session yesterday where we covered how you can validate email addresses using Kickbox with custom coded worklfow actions. I really appreciate you all joining and for the great engagement in the chat t read more
jackcoldrick on February 04, 2022
Hi everyone! Yesterday you could hear me give the first Custom Automation Masterclass workshop on Data Enrichment using Clearbit. I sadly couldn't get to all of your questions before the end of the workshop, so Jan and I decided to answer your qu read more
Web_Dev on January 26, 2022
Hi, We've a requirement to send our custom object data into other internal system which has Oracle as database. Is it possible to create an automate custom code and worklfow for it? I don't see any supported libraries for Oracle database for th read more
HubSpot Moderator
February 03, 2022 05:18
Hi @Web_Dev Thanks for reaching out! This should definitely be possible. Our Programmable Automation Use Case Library, we have code that ...read more
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