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Updating a property based on HOW it was updated!

I have a client who has an app integrated with HubSpot. This controls a field called App_Status. 


The app failed to update the app_status of contacts in HubSpot, so I did a mass upload to update their app_status. 


I am wondering if Ops hub has the ability to look at HOW the app_status field was created and update fields based on HOW the app_status was updated. For example, app_status updated via a list import or app_status was updated via an api. 


Any help is APPRECIATED as this would be huge rather than going through 4K contacts to manually make these updates.


Thanks in advance!



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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Updating a property based on HOW it was updated!

You may have to do some API work, but the APIs for individual records contain a propertiesWithHistory parameter. This will return the history of the properties you want and then you can see the sourceType to see where the update came from. Check a few using that endpoint and you might have enough information to build a workflow with a few custom actions and run your data through it.


Looks something like this for the properties you specify: