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Unsure how to proceed with data structure

Hello! I'm turning in for the night after a few good hours working on this... so without further ado, here is where I'm stuck! 



  • Stack includes Postgres, Segment, Hightouch, and Hubspot


  • Have customer signups get pushed into Hubspot where a new contact is created
    • Currently, this is working
  • Check the contact properties for pre-existing company or deal associations
    • True = Associate records together (Contact+Company+Deal)
    • False = Create company / deal, then associate
  • Ultimately, my main concern is copying specific contact properties over to the newly created deal properties

Current Flow:

  • User signs up, data gets sent to Hubspot, new contact record is created and synced with info from webform fields
  • Workflow created which checks new contact record for known deal association
    • I’ve done this by having HS check for a company association that is NOT in any deal stage


  • Data from SMBs and smaller downmarket leads don’t seem to jive with Hubspot’s automatic company creation / association
    • I believe this is because Hubspot relies on domain or website URL for autopopulation and association, however most of our customers are not retrievable by HS (or they use a gmail account and no website URL)
  • Some contacts go through the flow and I end up with a new contact and new deal, but no associated company (due to the issue above if I understand correctly)

If you couldn’t tell this is not my area of expertise, however we’re a very small team and as an ops guy I’m tasked with setting up this system, however rudimentary. I’ve been playing around with this for a few hours and it’s been super informative but I’m very aware of my own shortcomings (plus I’m about to pass out at my desk).

Thanks in advance for even looking at this, and I look forward to learning more tomorrow!

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Vordenker/-in | Elite Partner
Vordenker/-in | Elite Partner

Unsure how to proceed with data structure

Hi @notgoodwithdata and welcome to the Community! I hope you got some rest and a clearer mind. 😊


First a confirmation. Yes, HubSpot will auto-create + associate a Company record to a Contact record when the Contact email is a business email. That's the crux of how HubSpot was built. It's all about the Contact email and the corresponding Company "domain name" or website. 


So what you're seeing there is certainly expected behavior in HubSpot. That, coupled with HubSpot's massive customer database full of company information will get you the insight that's getting pushed (or not pushed) into a Company record, like phone number, annual revenue, LinkedIn page, etc.


If they don't have that information, it won't go into your Company record. And if your Contact is using a non-business email, HubSpot won't create the Company. 


As for how to build what you're looking to build, it honestly sounds complex enough that I'd have to take time to think through it, ask questions, and "play" in workflows. It's not something I've built before. If someone else who @kvlschaefer tagged has built something similar, they may have an easier answer. 


If you're still stuck, I'd be happy to set something up after my vacation next week. Maybe I could help, or someone I work with could. 


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Dan Moyle

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Unsure how to proceed with data structure

Hi @notgoodwithdata,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community, and for including this detailed information! 

I hope you're able to get a good night's sleep tonight 🙂


I would like to invite our subject matter experts to this conversation to see if they have any insight.

Hi @jolle@Mike_Eastwood@MariSuper@danmoyle - Do you have any tips for @notgoodwithdata?

Thank you!






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