Unable to sync contact's "company name" property between HubSpot and Outreach


In our Outreach sequences, we rely on the "company name" property for personalization, but I can't find a clean solution to sync that from HubSpot contacts over to Outreach prospects. In theory, it should work even if Data Sync only supports HubSpot contacts and Outreach prospects as this field is attached to HubSpot contact records and there appears to be a corresponding prospect field in Outreach. 


There are two major blockers:


1. The prospect company name field can't be selected in the field mappings tab:


outreach company name unavailable.JPG


2. Outreach Triggers don't have a copy function:


outreach triggers cant copy values.JPG


#2 was my best idea for a workaround - using a custom Outreach property as a destination for the company name value from HubSpot, then using a trigger in Outreach to copy the custom field value over to the actual company name field. Unfortunately, Outreach triggers don't seem to allow copying of values and so what you see in the above screenshot would only result in every prospect with an empty company field having that field populated with the same plain text "[value from custom 35]". 


I have come up with one last workaround that I'm pretty sure will work, but I'm hesitant to set it up because it'll potentially create a mess in Outreach and if this issue is supposed to be resolved soon that would make my messy workaround redundant: mapping company name from HubSpot to a custom field in Outreach as described above, but then adjusting the Outreach sequences to pull from the custom field rather than from the proper company name field. I imagine this would require cloning all the existing sequences in Outreach so as not to break the old ones currently in progress (we already have Outreach prospects in sequences who have company name values after being manually imported, which we'd like to avoid now that we have Data Sync). 


Has anyone figured out a better solution for syncing the company name field from HubSpot contacts to Outreach prospects?


Is there a timeline for when Outreach account objects and HubSpot company objects can be synced directly (beyond what's currently possible with associated companies via the contact sync) or at least to enable the contact/prospect mapping described in #1?

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HubSpot Product Team

Hey Dan,


The workaround I could come up with would have been the one you already found out by yourself. The 'company name' field really is peculiar in that Outreach really prefers this one to be an actual account object, rather than just a name. For logical reasons. 

So instead of writing to the direct field, we would need to sync a proper company object into Outreach along with the association with the contact. 


This is functionality live in PieSync right now, and we're setting up Data Sync to do the same. 

That's coming up real soon now- we're finalizing tests.


Hi Frans,


In that case it sounds like it'd be better not to use my workaround and I'll just wait until the account/company sync functionality is live in Data Sync and have to manage with manual imports in the meantime (we unfortunately dont have PieSync).