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Sending WhatsApp messages

Hi folks!

Which tool do you recommend for sending WhatsApp messages through the HubSpot workflow?

I need one that can have different inboxes for teams (sales, customer success, etc.). What do you recommend?

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Sending WhatsApp messages

Hey @GoularteVieira , glad to see you here! 


We're using the Spread.Chat, and it's working for us (looking for expand our operations from 6 to 100+ agents in a few months, btw). 


If you need more information, just reach out me! 


@MiaSrebrnjak thank you for mention. 

Brenner Natal

HubSpot Consultant | Inbound Marketer


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Sending WhatsApp messages

Hey, @GoularteVieira ! I recommend you take a look at Treble.ai as I believe we can solve your exact needs. Also feel free to reach out to me directly at julia.moraes@treble.ai 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Sending WhatsApp messages

Hi @GoularteVieira,

Have you already tested HubSpot's native WhatsApp integration? It allows you to send WhatsApp messages via workflows (with the help of templates) and you can also create a filtered view for your WhatsApp messages in the HubSpot Conversations inbox. 

If you'd like to look into 3rd party WhatsApp integrations, check out this Community article where Community members have shared their recommendations. 


I also wanted to ask a couple of subject matter experts for advice: 

Hi @Brenner@Billseng, do you have any tips on WhatsApp integrations for @GoularteVieira? Thank you!



Mia, Community Team  

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