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Re Enrollment criteria for associations

The accepted answer to triggering workflows on associations seems to be (from many community posts and discussions with my HS technical implementation consultant) to have a property to COUNT the number of associations. 

You then trigger the workflow when that property is KNOWN. 

Sounds straightforward, but I'm having difficulty setting it up. It seems my workflows will not accept "Number of associated companies" as a reenrollement criteria (see screenshot, in French)

CleanShot Google Chrome-Synchroniser un Contact Client  HubSpot2022-11-24 at 21.40.46@2x.png

 The calculation to get "Nombre d'entreprises associés" is just to count the number of associated companies with a record id. 


Am I doing something wrong?



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Re Enrollment criteria for associations

Hi @PAtlan,


The reason why this doesn't work is likely that Number of associated companies is not a default property but a custom calculation. Theoretically it should work, as it does the same thing as the default properties, but unfortunately it doesn't.


Another way to approach this is with an additional company-based workflow that is triggered by company Create date is known. This workflow would set a single checkbox properties on its associated contacts to 'Yes'. This value can then be used for re-enrollment. The contact-based workflow would then, at the end, clear this value again.


Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

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