Presenting to you: Programmable Automation & Data Quality Automation!!

HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone,


I’m Jesse Tremblay and I’m the Group Product Manager of Automation here at HubSpot. I’m really excited to launch a few new features in Workflows that will help customers automate any business process. I’m of course talking about Programmable Automation and Data Quality Automation, included in Operations Hub.


I’ll be doing a live AMA together with my lead engineer, Angus Gibbs on May 12. Click here to save the date.


I wanted to make this post to introduce myself and share with you what we’ve been working on the past few months in secrecy, and give you some guidance on how to get started.


About myself

A fun fact, even though I’m a Product Manager by trade, I have been in roles just like you! A lot of my background has been in early-stage startups, where being the first Product person often meant I was one of the only operators in the business.


I spent a lot of my time (mainly nights & weekends) building, maintaining, and debugging our business system to help our go-to-market teams thrive. I can’t tell you how many late Sunday evenings of my life I have spent debugging our integration platform, exporting data to Excel, and troubleshooting the CRM & automation tools just so our Sales & Marketing teams could operate efficiently and effectively on Monday morning.


I came to HubSpot a few years ago to help solve these problems. This isn’t about me, but I feel your pains!


Introducing Programmable Automation

Programmable automation is all about putting the flexibility & control in your hands, so you can automate any process your business has. We know that you have to cobble together a number of other external tools with integration and automation platforms outside of HubSpot.


We have just launched our Custom Code Action in workflows, alongside a similar tool in our Bot builder, which will allow you to write & execute javascript right in a workflow. You can run a function, make API calls (inside and outside of HubSpot), and use that data in the rest of your automation.


So, now you can keep all of your sensitive customer data securely in & run your processes right through HubSpot. Head over to workflows, hit the plus sign for a new action, and click “Custom code”.




Introducing Data Quality Automation

We know that your data isn’t always in the state that you want it to be in, and keeping it clean can be painful manual work. That messy data can affect your business, and worse, your customer’s experience.


We are also really excited to introduce a new and easy way to keep your data clean using workflows. We have added a new action to workflows called the Format data action. This new action will allow you to do things like change the casing on text, reformat dates in whatever format you need, or even do some calculations on numerical values


To check it out, go to workflows, hit the plus sign for a new action, and click “Format data”.





Live AMA 

I’ll be doing a live AMA together with my lead engineer, Angus Gibbs on May 12. Click here to save the date.


Let me know what you think of these new features!

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