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Operations Hub Show & Tell - Data Sync Q&A Follow-Up

Hi everyone!

Last week's Show & Tell was a lot of fun. It was so great to share many of the incremental improvements we made to data sync, and to open up the beta for product sync!

Again, if you're interested in participating in the beta for product sync, please reach out to me at fleys@hubspot.com


We had many questions come in for Data Sync, and we sadly did not have enough time to answer them all live. So I've bundled them all together, and answered them all below!


If you have any follow-up questions, please let me know in the comments.


Operations Hub Show & Tell - Data Sync Q&A


@jurjens : Looking to the future, a couple of years from now, how would you see data sync vs custom-built integrations using the API? Would that still be necessary, and if so, for what kind of solutions?

Our internal product mission statement about data sync has “open” inside of it. We *so* want to get to a point of exposing our generic sync engine (a domain-specific language) so other apps can also build on top of it... So that they 1) can build their own syncs and 2) that sync plays nicely with other complementary functionality. 2) is probably coming first. For 1) we don’t know the details yet, which is still years out, but I'm personally imagining a flow whereby a SaaS developer only needs to upload their object schema in a particular format, which would automagically build out sync functionality for HS users. It’s in fact how we currently roll out data sync apps internally, at scale. All of HS's sync frontend you see is API-built on the fly. 


Rebecca S: In the marketplace, the documentation for the Google Sheets integration says that it can add data from HubSpot into Google Sheets, are we able to pull data from a Google Sheet into HubSpot via data sync?

Google Sheets is an app that we, unfortunately, cannot easily plug our data sync platform in. Their API doesn’t index records in a way that we can safely build a sync around it. That’s why It still needs a Zapier-type workflow process to get data in there (or to read updates out of it). An app like Airtable or Smartsheet which looks like Google Sheets behaves differently from an API standpoint and we have more decent syncs with those.


Rebecca S: Can data sync do 2-way syncing when the other app is only set up for 1-way? And if it can pull from the other app into HubSpot, is it only action-based, or is it able to match and copy properties over?

A lot of data sync apps today find their origin in that they already existed back in the PieSync days (the app that preceded Data Sync and got acquired). There was never a Pendo connector in PieSync, and we've not started looking into developing one for data sync either. Why haven't we? Apart from potential technical limitations that an API could suffer from, it's simply that we don't want to build something that already exists in the marketplace. Since there's already an app for Pendo on the marketplace, a first step should be to exhaust their technical abilities (and willingness) to add two-way to their app first.


@awojcek  How long until you can sync dropdown properties?

This is one of the highest priority items currently on our roadmap. Our team is in the process of building an owner-sync, which will pave the way for syncing dropdown properties. We can’t give you an exact ETA, but we hope to release it before the end of this year.


James G: Can you send CRM Opportunities over as Deal records using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 sync?

Yes, you should be able to sync MS Dynamics 365 Opportunities with HubSpot Deals.


Juan P.: How do we know which programs will sync in data sync.

There’s a category for the apps in the Marketplace here: https://ecosystem.hubspot.com/marketplace/apps/apps-for-operations-teams


Christine S. : Can you confirm that “property edit” is available on Operations Hub Free or Starter?

Yes, editing the properties is available on Operations Hub Free.


@awojcek Is syncing to custom objects on the roadmap?

It’s definitely something we want to build, but we don’t have a formal ETA yet.


Nic The REALTOR: If you have a team of people using this, should everyone have their own account? or is there an easier way to have everyone linked?

Each member needs to create a HubSpot account, and then they can be invited to the HubSpot portal. Note: One person can be a member of multiple portals.


Sam R. : Will we ever be able to set up multiple syncs for one object? Like a few different syncs for Contacts that have different criteria.

We’re working on something in this area as we speak. If you’d like to be part of the research and provide your feedback, feel free to reach out to apfeffer@hubspot.com


@ESeligman : Is Acumatica among the syncable platforms or on the roadmap to be?

Acumatica CRM is. Check the Ecosystem for details: https://ecosystem.hubspot.com/marketplace/apps/productivity/erp/acumaticacrm-data-sync


@deepikaverma : Can we use WooCommerce in data sync?

You cannot use it in data sync. When we decided on the list of apps to roll out in data sync, we looked at the ecosystem and saw that a WooCommerce integration already exists, and that it would not only do the same thing as data sync but also more. So we didn’t think it was our place to compete with that. If there’s a specific use case that data sync could solve that the existing integration does not, please let me know. 


Jessica Manickam: Lookin forward to sync with Shopify. Any idea when we can expect it?

There’s a sync already with Shopify! But it’s a one-way sync only (since it lives on a legacy architecture). https://ecosystem.hubspot.com/marketplace/apps/marketing/ecommerce/shopify.  IN the future we’ll have this move into data sync too so it gets extra functionality (two-way sync) - and proper alignment to how other data sync apps behave.


@callie : Any traction on line item syncing? Specifically syncing HubSpot line items to NetSuite subscriptions is what we’re after.

Specifically setting line items on a subscription is probably too specific for us to start tackling generically at data sync. We should revisit this when we get to actually syncing a subscriptions object in HubSpot (not yet roadmapped). Also, I'm not sure if this qualifies as a true (continuous) sync either, it feels like it's a workflow or at least something you'd do through a specific action inside of HubSpot.... 


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