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HubSpot recently launched Operations Hub, a new product line to help operations professionals get their work done. It’s now available in three versions: free, starter, and professional.


In the free version of Operations Hub, you’ll find Data Sync. Data Sync is a new way to integrate HubSpot with your other tools. Unlike trigger-based integrations, which shoot data between systems using if/then logic, Data Sync synchronizes the data between HubSpot and your other apps continuously and in both directions. This ensures that your data is consistent across all your apps. We’re using this new technology to power many of our new integrations, and we’ll use it with more integrations as time goes on.


In Operations Hub Starter, you unlock the ability to create custom mappings in Data Sync. This way, you can choose where the information between the fields in your various systems get synced to and from.


In Operations Hub Professional, you get two major upgrades to your workflows: Data quality automation and programmable automation.


Data quality automation gives your workflows the ability to clean the data that comes through them. From standardizing the capitalization of names in your contact database to personalizing date formats by region, data quality automation has all the tools you need to get your databases squeaky clean. Combined with Data Sync, data quality automation not only cleans the data inside HubSpot, but it cleans all the data flowing through HubSpot from your other apps, so your data will be clean and consistent no matter which app you view it in.


Programmable automation essentially takes the hood off HubSpot’s automation engine and gives you the tools to tinker around with it. Whether that’s triggering a webhook from a workflow or creating a fully custom workflow action using Node.js, programmable automation gives you the flexibility you need to make workflows do exactly what you need them to do.


If you’re wondering what these new tools look like in action, HubSpot Academy has you covered. Check out our Introduction to Operations Hub lesson for a brief overview, and then look at the additional resources for more lessons, documentation, and other helpful resources to help you get started with Operations Hub.



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