MailChimp Sync Issue


Hello, I signed up for the free HubSpot CRM and set up a sync with my MailChimp account.  When the sync was done, only email address trasnfered and no names.  Email addresses are also in the spot for names.  I've used CRMs and PieSync before, so I'm familiar, but could use some help.





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HI @BAnderson1,


When you integrate Mailchimp through HubSpot's Data Sync then it is indeed expected that only the email address will sync. If you check the Field Mappings of that integration then you should only see that it's the only contact property that's listed. As you can see on the screenshot below:


Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 10.33.43 AM.png

When you're using Operations Hub Free, then you can only sync fields that are default in both apps. In the case of Mailchimp that is only the Email Address field, which is mapped to HubSpot's Primary Email field. If you upgrade to Operations Hub Starter ($50/mo) you can add additional field mappings for any other property you would like to include.


The reason why no names are synced by default is because the name fields in Mailchimp aren't default fields. They can be changed to get a different purpose. As such, including them in the default mappings could lead to complications. 


Are you sure that the email addresses are filled out in the name field? Most apps just show the email address if there is no name available.  


Hope this helps!