Introducing Operations Hub: to grow better, you need to run better

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Hi Ops Community!


I’m Andy Pitre, and I’m VP of product here at HubSpot. I probably won’t be the first HubSpotter to tell you this today, but I’m truly so excited that Operations Hub launched today, and I’m thrilled to be presenting it to you. Let it be known – hundreds of amazingly talented people have been involved in making this new hub. I'm just the exec that is here to take the credit for it. 😉 


Operations Hub truly is a gamechanger for HubSpot. Why? Well, with this new Hub, HubSpot is headed in a new direction. We want HubSpot to be the CRM platform that grows with you as you scale. That’s why Operations Hub is so exciting!! Operations Hub is meant to take away those growing pains and to help you and your business run better as you scale – I really can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to say that out loud.


With that said, let’s talk about Operations Hub!


What is Operations Hub?

Operations Hub is a new product line that includes three new game-changing features that allow our customers to connect their other apps for free, that sync and cleans their customer data, and that offers the flexibility to automate all of their business processes. 


What are those new features?

  • Data sync by HubSpot: HubSpot is now capable of natively syncing customer data with the world’s business tools. You can keep your apps and data in a two-way sync in an easy, no-code package. All the integrations can be found in the App Marketplace. You really can’t miss them, just click on the banner at the top or filter on Data Sync by HubSpot in the sidebar. 
  • Programmable automation: New actions have been added to workflows and bots that enable you to automate almost any process that you can imagine without needing to maintain external or middleware services to do so. It’s called custom code actions and with them, you can program your own actions using JavaScript.
  • Data quality automation: Throw those spreadsheets out of the window, you are now able to automatically format and clean your customer data through HubSpot workflows with new out-of-the-box data quality action.


How much does Operations Hub cost?

The new hub comes in three tiers – Free, Starters, and Professional. You heard it right. Operations Hub starts free! For no fee, you can sync dozens of your favorite business apps with HubSpot. Operations Hub Starter unlocks additional syncing features and clocks in at $50/month. Operations Hub Professional includes programmable automation and data quality automation and costs $800/month.


You got me hooked! Where can I learn more about it?

There will be a webinar on May 12 – click here to save your seat – where we will showcase all these amazing new features. You can also check out our HubSpot Academy intro to Operations Hub here.


Both Ewout Meyns (data sync) and Jesse Tremblay (automation) have posted in this community too so be sure to take a look at their posts if you want to learn more about data sync or the new workflow actions

Check out HubSpot partner Aptitude 8’s Operations Hub Playbook.


Well, that is it for me! I’m so happy that it’s finally here. Can’t wait to hear your feedback, and to grow better!


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