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How to run a day to day operation

Right now we are in the process of implementing a new system for the company, we are looking at Hubspot because it fills many of the needed functions that sales/service/marketing requires. 

Our company is in the logistic-segment, mostly B2B and our Ops department is the majority (most employees) of the company. They are sitting in an own made Microsoft Access booking system and it's really starting to lag due to A LOT of data and doesn't get any information from the other departments about... anything!

Right now the process is mostly like this:

A company contacts our sales department, they email back and forth for a while (5-25 emails) about prices, items that are being sent and all the other details (where from/to, customs e.t.c.) that are necessary. No "unique identifiers" are being put into these emails subject, the sales team just has to remember what it's about/scroll back in the mail conversation. 
If the sales team/Customer company agrees on trade/make a deal, sales send over the details (through email) to our operations department and they have to make a booking in the access system with a unique identifier (for example 103482) and contact the customer through the mail with the unique identifier (103482) that they keep in the subject during the whole transportation that could be everything between 1 day to 2 months. And it could be multiple bookings in the same period. 

How could we effectively bring the operation department into Hubspot and keep customer company feed organized with all the emails the sales & operations department send? Especially when we have big customers that make thousand of bookings every month and every booking has its own problem/price/transportation type e.t.c. and will probably land in the same company "card" feed in Hubspot.

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How to run a day to day operation

Hi @MSkoghoug,


Thanks for your question. You're asking a really important question here. 


From what it looks like, getting started with HubSpot will be a move in the right direction. If not only to have all of your teams working with the same set of data, and have oversight over all the customer touch points. When it comes down to the booking system, I imagine that you will probably be able to create a custom object in HubSpot to use instead of Microsoft Access. 


From what it looks like, your operations team will probably need to align with your go-to-market teams on what your buyer's journey looks like, so they can create an automation strategy – which is asking the question of what processes need to be automated to prevent time loss over manual data entry, and to prevent friction with your buyers. After all, your sales team likely wants to focus more on making sales than manually inputting data correctly, and your ops team rather wants reliable data and standardized processes.


You may need help in setting that up, so I would definitely recommend partnering with one of HubSpot's solutions partners that are specialized in Revenue Operations. Here you can find a list of them: https://ecosystem.hubspot.com/marketplace/solutions/?eco_search=revops


In this part of the community we've held a lot of RevOps related events, so if you want to hear some experts talk about it, I'd also recommend taking the time to watch some recordings in our resources folder and event calendar.