How do you make the switch to Programmable Automation? What do you recommend?

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Do you have the internal capacity to use programmable automation in your workflows?


  • If so, what internal stakeholders are involved that make this possible for you?
  • If not, what types of roles on your team would need to be in place to make that happen?


If you find you're wanting to use Custom Code Actions to replace entire software programs that you once needed to make this type of customized workflow possible, what tools will you need to replace?


Will it take a long time to switch over to programmable automation through HubSpot? To share a few examples, this could be because:


  1. You have many tools you need to replace,
  2. You have a very large team that will need time to adopt this digital transformation and so a lot of employee training will need to be conducted to make this happen, or
  3. You're managing a significant amount of data so you would need to incorporate an exhaustive amount of testing before making the switch.


If you’ve already started making the switch, what efficiency recommendations do you have for others as they work through this process?

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Thank you for starting this conversation @mbarba! I'd be curious for your recommendations for teams looking to implement programmable automation. Where should they start?! What are a few tips to help them get set up for success from day 1?! 

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Hi @jennysowyrda!


Great question!


To get started with programmable automation, I recommend looking into the following resources:


  • Programmable Automation Home Page (Web Page): Programmable automation is a core feature of HubSpot's Operations Hub. Use this page to get an overview of how programmable automation works in HubSpot.
  • Use custom code actions in workflows (Knowledge Base Article): Programmable automation finds its lifeblood in "custom code actions", which you can find in your options for workflow actions.
    • Custom Code Actions.png
  • Workflows Deep Dive (HubSpot Academy Lesson): Our very own @KyleJepson created this beautiful, 45-minute deep dive into the nitty-gritty details of creating a workflow. It demonstrates every aspect of the workflows tool, from defining granular enrollment triggers to coding your own custom actions. Watch the full lesson to see the process of creating a workflow from beginning to end, or watch specific videos to see how individual parts of the tool works.

I hope this gets you started in using programmable automation! For any questions you have about any of these resources, let me know, and I'll be happy to go deeper for you!


Your HubSpotter,

Mary Barba