Hi, I'm Ewout Meyns and this is Data Sync!

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Hi everyone!


I’m Ewout Meyns and I’m the Product Manager of Data Sync by HubSpot. I’m very excited to finally release data sync to all of you here!! I wanted to make this post to introduce myself and share what we’ve been working on the past few months.


I’m happy to be part of this community that's why I'll be doing a Live AMA here in the community on May 5. Click here to save the date.



About myself

Interesting fact, data sync wasn’t built from scratch. 

Back in November 2019 HubSpot acquired the Belgium-based company PieSync, which I founded along with my friend Mattias Putman 8 years ago.

Over the past 1,5 years, we’ve been hard at work to plug our world-class sync engine inside of HubSpot, rebuilding the existing integrations. Our Ghent office has become a full-blown division of HubSpot. Ironically though, most of data sync was actually developed from our own homes!


PieSync and HubSpot always had a shared interest, strategy, and philosophy and if we wanted to be acquired by any company it would have been them. That's why the entire PieSync is still here and excited for this new evolution. 


About Data Sync by HubSpot

We’ve just launched 25 integrations that feature data sync, including Aircall, Airtable, Mindbody, Ringcentral, Outreach, Xero, and many more. You can find them grouped in the App Marketplace collection. They are super easy to set up and free


Don't expect us to stop here: we plan to support more apps and expand data sync’s functionality with more objects and features over time. Also, right now data sync is being released as standalone apps in the marketplace. Later, we want data sync to be the foundational technology that powers deep and rich integrations. 


Starting your sync couldn’t be more simple:

  1. Go to the HubSpot's App Marketplace and look for the app you need
  2. Install and follow the instructions to authenticate your app
  3. Set up your filters - what do you need synced? 
  4. Set up field mappings - what properties should sync?
  5. Sync!

This knowledge base article shows these steps in greater detail. 


Live AMA

I'll be doing a Live AMA here in the community on May 5. Click here to save the date. If you have any questions for me in the meantime, be sure to reply to this post! Happy to help!!!




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Hi Ewout!

Thanks to you and your team for creating all these data sync options! I've just set up the Outreach integration and want to reach out with a request/suggestion.


Currently the way our integration is setup, when a Prospect reaches a particular stage in Outreach, a Contact is created in Hubspot. It would be very helpful if this action could simutaneously trigger the creation of a Deal associated with said Contact. Then, additionally, as the Prospect continues to move through Stages in Outreach, the associated Deal stage would reflect this progress in Hubspot. Does this seem like a plausible request? 



HubSpot Product Team

Hi Evan,


You are welcome!


Great question! I think the best way to solve your use case would be to use Data Sync to keep the Outreach stage in sync with a custom field on the HubSpot contact record and then use Automations and Workflows to trigger the deal creation and deal stage updates based on the actual value of that custom field in HubSpot.

Does that make sense?