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Discussion Thread | Operations Hub Show & Tell (Q2 2022)



The Operations Hub Show & Tell is back! 


Tomorrow, May 25 at 10, our product team will talk about Operations Hub, what it is, and how they're thinking about its future.


Joining us will be Frans Leys (Data Sync), Megan Legge & Zach Webert (Automation), and Stephen McMillian (Datasets). 

Please use this thread if you have any questions for these speakers regarding Operations Hub and its features!


Some additional resources:

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Discussion Thread | Operations Hub Show & Tell (Q2 2022)

Great showcase guys!

On the formatting data side of things, there are some use cases where we need to generate new values instead of working with what is available. Currently, custom code actions are an overly complicated way to do the following:

  1. Remove all but the first character of a string, to retrieve the initial of a name.
  2. Take the 3rd from last character of the record ID, for use in deciding control groups and segmentation.
  3. Add a RNG


I'm also starting to see the need from teams to evenly distribute leads and record ownership based on who has the least records assigned to them. Ex: Agent 1 has 20 tickets, Agent 2 has 5 tickets. Assign the next 15 to Agent 2 or until they are even. The limits found in Hubspot workflows is that Hubspot user data can't be surfaced anywhere, turning users into a Hubspot object would be a great way to surface this data.