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Copy Characters from 1 field to another field



We have a client that is using Eventbrite to registrations. They want to build an automated workflow that triggers a post-event survey 2 days after the event is complete. The problem with the Eventbrite integration is they don't provide the date of the event. "Last Event Date" is the date they register for the event.


The client subscribes to Operations Hub. I was thinking of creating my own "Date of Event" field and stripping the first 8 characters of the Eventbrite "Event Name" property and copying to this new field. Is there a way to do this? The strip character looks for the exact characters and removes them. So that doesn't work.



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Copy Characters from 1 field to another field

Hey @JonahWilson-GK3, thanks for reaching out!


I haven't personally built something like this in HubSpot before, but I know that HubSpot gets really picky about date fields, so I'm not sure you'd be able to take text and put it in a format that HubSpot recognizes as a date.


It's tedious, but a potential workaround is creating your own custom "Event Date" property. If you have a list of the client's upcoming events and their dates, you could create a workflow that would set the "Event Date" property accordingly based on the "Event Name" passed over from EventBrite. Here's how that would look:

  • Enrollment trigger: "Event Name" contains "[Event Name]"
  • Set "Event Date" to [Fixed Date of Event]

If you see individuals registering for multiple events, you may want to create event-specific date properties. 


Honestly, event follow-up is typically something that I handle manually anyway. We usually have outcome-specific follow-ups (attended, canceled, no-showed) and need to finalize attendance before triggering emails anyway, so that's baked into our process.


It also looks like you're not the only one asking for "Event Date" to be part of the integration, so feel free to share your use case in that Ideas thread and give it an upvote! 


Hope this helps!!

Jacob Olle

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Copy Characters from 1 field to another field

Thanks @jolle - I'm curious if I were to try this anyway, do you have any ideas of a custom code option that could copy selected text from the field and paste it into another field?