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[Beta] Looking for testers: control what data sync matches on

👋🏻 Frans here, product manager for Data Sync at HubSpot.
We've built a feature, now available in closed beta, to help you customize how records match in a sync, or turn it off all together. We'd love to talk to some of you who may be interested in seeing if this can work on your sync setup.
If ever you've suffered from companies not syncing over because of duplicative names, or you wanted to sync two apps that already hold deal information but weren't able to match etc... This is for you. 

For early US, or daytime Europe calls, feel free to book direct on on my calendar, and if you fail to find a time that works feel free to use this link which is my product designer's. 
If you are curious about how this works specifically, drop a message in this thread.
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Community Manager
Community Manager

[Beta] Looking for testers: control what data sync matches on

Hey @FransLeys, this sounds like a fantastic initiative! 


I'm sure many in our HubSpot Community could benefit from customizing data sync matches.  I'm tagging a few community members who might be interested: @danmoyle, @Josh, and @HFisher7 would you be interested? 


Looking forward to hearing more about this exciting feature!






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[Beta] Looking for testers: control what data sync matches on

Thanks for thinking of me (Impulse Creative) @PamCotton@FransLeys i'll share with my team and see if we have folks interested! 


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Dan Moyle

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