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Announcement: Three new data sync integrations available

What's happening?
HubSpot released three new HubSpot CRM integrations this week resulting in 100+ Data Sync integrations in less than 1 year.
  • Syspro CRM: CRM solution built for manufacturers and distributors. 
  • BombBomb: Video messaging service to record, send, and track personalized video emails.
  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting: Online accounting software with integrated payroll for small businesses. 
These integrations were built by the HubSpot team using the new data sync feature available in Operations Hub, the newest Hub where operations teams can sync data bi-directionally across apps, automate complicated processes, and ultimately help their companies run better.
Data sync by HubSpot makes manual data entry a thing of the past by syncing contacts between HubSpot and your other apps  This feature also makes it easy to create and update new and existing contacts bi-directionally - in an easy, code-free package across your tech stack.
No more need to manually input and export client information in multiple systems.
When is this happening?
These integrations are currently live and available to all free and paid HubSpot accounts. Over the coming months, continuous improvements will happen and new integrations will be added.
You can read more about the integration in the HubSpot ecosystem marketplace via this link. HubSpot data sync is available on Operations Hub for free. The starter plan contains more custom field mappings. Operations Hub Pro include additional automation capabilities. More details on the Operations Hub pricing plans can be found here.
How can I install the integration? 
  • You must be a HubSpot Super Admin or have HubSpot App Marketplace permissions in your HubSpot account.
  • Get started by navigating to the HubSpot Marketplace listing
  • Search for and select the app you want to connect to. In the top right, click Connect app.
  • In the pop-up box, log in to your app account.
  • Review the requested access permissions, then click Allow.
  • You will be redirected back to the app page in your settings.
For more details on how to connect both applications, please have a look at the data sync help article
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