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One of the challenges I often work with sales leadership on is solve reporting across their SDR teams.  SDRs are a really important piece of your sales funnel, and if you've invested in this type of function, then you already know or believe they can add value to your business. And still, it can be tough to put together the right framework that truly communicates the ROI of their efforts.


One point of friction stems from the data around booking meetings. SDRs control the critical part of the sales process where they engage the user before officially moving them into the next buying stage. There’s a lot of things to measure right here at this stage and this is where the trouble starts. I’ve learned that the most important way to solve SDR reporting is to get aligned on the metrics that matter and to automate the reporting process as much as possible.


Aligning on the metrics is so critical! I’ve seen this done a few different ways, but it all starts with leadership across your GTM teams coming together and agreeing on what’s most important to the business for revenue growth, what the GTM strategy is, and what metrics and KPIs to track to ensure success. Clients I’ve worked with have either instituted a revenue operations function to drive this work, or they’ve created an SLA amongst themselves to create this alignment.


Once you’ve done that, you’re on to the next hurdle: the right reporting setup. When I’m working with clients, I've found this particularly difficult to accomplish with SDR teams when they may want to report on which SDR sourced a meeting, which rep they booked the meeting for, and see the attribution for subsequent deals and which stage they went to. This is especially true with business units that operate across multiple objects throughout the sales process, especially when it comes to pulling together succinct reporting that captures everything you need in one view.


If you’re using Operations Hub, you can make this a really straightforward process. Using a custom code action, you can enroll a deal into your workflow and easily report on your deals based on which SDR scheduled the last meeting prior to that deal and which stage the deal got to all within a simple deal view or deal report. 


This coded action would search across all engagements for any associated contacts using the Engagements API:


  1. Find the discovery call event using the event type field
  2. Determine which user booked that event
  3. Populate a text field or a dropdown on your deal with that user’s name


If you’re looking for a deep dive on how exactly you can execute this and some other advanced additions you can build on top of this, register for our upcoming workshop!.


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